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Remove Android default lock without root email or reset rom 2017

Forgot your PIN or pattern? The way you leave the device locked, or the only option you have is to unlock the phone with an email or just go ahead and do a factory reset. Both options are not good, since you do not want to lose your data. The problem requires a simple solution, so keep your data safe and unlock the device without you risking it.

See the video!!!

“Adithyan25” from the XDA-Developers community got a simple solution to this problem (there are simpler ones I’ve seen so far). All it needs is TWRP installed, in which you can unlock your phone in the blink of an eye. All this without the phone having ROOT. No factory reset and without going through any annoying rule of password recovery by email.

And Ai wants to learn how to unlock?

So keep reading because I’ll show you how to remove the default android lock password without resetting the rom on mobile devices and tablets.

1) The first thing to do is install TWRP on the device. Here on the site (doing a search for the word “TWRP”), you will find installation tutorials for various devices. If you can not find it for your model, just leave it in the comments, and I’ll teach you how to install it.

2) With TWRP open on your phone. The methods for entering TWRP vary by device. The most common methods to access the TWRP are to press the Volume Up + Volume Down + Power button or Volume Up + Home + Power. All these buttons must be pressed at the same time.

3) Now that you’ve finally been able to join TWRP, please click Advanced> file manager.

4) In the file manager, go to / Data / System.
Now look for the following files in this folder:








Note: The files change according to the device, delete only those that have on your device.

Now select them and delete them.

5) After deleting all these files, reboot your phone with system reboot.

6) When the device restarts, you will realize that the default PIN and unlock will still be as before, but just make any gesture that it unlocks.

Good guys, I hope they do, any questions leave comments, as soon as I can, I’ll answer them all.

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06/03/2017 - 19:05
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